Time & Attendance

Payroll is not processed any more, rather it is executed which means, it is no more required to configure payroll at every pay cycle, rather it should inherit previous pay run attributes.

  • Different Holiday calendar for different financial years, helping users to define public and company related holiday in order to set different over time rates for different grades/groups or other company segments.
  • Multiple rosters, with multiple shifts, having different work hours, with different weekends and ultimately mapping them with different employee groups, clubbed in different department, grades, locations, divisions, jobs, positions, projects etc.
  • Any type of leave can be defined differentiating policy for each leave type for example carry over limit, encashment limit, minimum number of limited to be applied, maximum number of days to be applied, include exclude holiday or weekends , entitlement limits, entitlements formula, can be linked with air tickets , business travel.
  • Moreover, it can be linked with gender specific, marital status, number of times per year, number of times in service period, minimum days in service period, balance adjustable, and salary or without salary, mandating with leave reasons. Uploading time sheet, and over time or integrating it with any biometric devices to reach at auto calculations of time sheet, absenteeism, over time.
  • Leave carry over at every end of year, leave encashment, leave adjustments all are HR business processes, which can be automated in few clicks. Mapping of your biometric devices with your office locations, project locations or any cost center or it’s integrated with biometric devices.