Performance Appraisal

Finally yet importantly, Performance appraisal of human capital is to get maximum return on your investment. Assigning common goals to your teams, or unique targets to special employees, is smarter than before.

  • Evaluating based on employee’s achievements and competencies will, no doubt, helps organizations to plan their human resources at right place and right time but also the capabilities of their organizations while grouping skill set based on different parameters
  • 360 Appraisal is trending and same as its flagged feature of WorkBlix HRMS. Anyone in the line can evaluate their peers and accordingly final rating, appraisal score will be set.
  • Any number of appraisal calendars can be defined, normally its 4 or 2 times in a year. But any number of calendar can be set and for each appraisal period different ratings, goals, targets competencies can be mapped