Employee Training and Development

Retaining human capital is just like maintaining financial capital; same we do while planning their developments and prepare them for career and succession plans

  • Richard Branson, a famous CEO once said, train your employees well enough so they leave, but treat them well so they do not want.
  • Employees’ trainings are not only for their own developmental but it benefits organization in capitalizing human assets in their best capacity.
  • KRPTON HRMS has solved this issue while defining trainings as per jobs, position, and their roles and has also been segregated in in courses, which are clubbed in modules and further merged in a program as whole
  • Trainings budgets can also be set for any organization unit of a company. Accordingly employee or organization unit head can request training plans.
  • Training venues and venue facilities are set in system and mapped with trainer profile, pre requisites, training syllabus, schedules etc.
  • Which further leads to training attendance on the day it starts and ends with employee feedback and trainer and training evaluation calculating overall effective ness of training
  • Employees are nonetheless motivated if an organization fulfils their financial needs while paying them either advances or loans, but for sure it’s maintained and deducted as per schedule.