Employee Loans and Expenses

Employees’ gets loans which should be deducted from their pay same as if any expenses are incurred by the employee may need to be reimbursed

  • Loans entitlements are defined as per grades, seniority or any other HR policies
  • Other than internal loans, employee may apply for external loan as third party benefits.
  • In both cases organization may decide whether such loans needs to be deducted from employee salaries or annual benefits or from their termination benefits.
  • This can be included as part of employee self service
  • There can be some expenses as part of their benefits, as per policies, grades or any other rule which may require imbursements, for example medical expenses, vehicle maintenance expenses, food expenses during business trip or any other
  • Expense types are created in system and then mapped with organization segments, grades, departments, pay groups, pay sets etc.