Employee Induction

One Job to many organizations, and many organizations to one job will become a culture in every HR department to eliminate duplication of Jobs. Job description of Accountant in corporate office should be similar to accountant in factory but responsibilities will be different and same as compensations because multiple grades, levels, departments, and organizations mapped to one job.

Some other Features of Core HR Part are

  • Expatriates of every country has different ID and payroll treatment than local residents, same has been handled in KRPTON HRMS
  • Grades are clubbed in grade sets, and accordingly HR policies are mapped with different grades as per seniority levels within organization
  • Creation of department and then department allocation to different segments of company makes it easy to set pay groups and other HR policies as per different cost centers.
  • Positions are different than Jobs, and vacancies are different than positions
  • Jobs and departments grouped in job families, levels and positions as per number of vacancies and hierarchies. Every organization classify their all types of employee benefits into different seniority or management levels, named as Grades also whereby we can define salary ranges, and frequencies as well
  • Employee 360 view is a unique feature of WorkBlix HRMS, all induction activities on employees are performed at one place even if its employee’s assets. Later on if there is any change in employee profile classified as employee action or even if its employee re-hire activity, it will be executed at different place while maintaining record of historical change in employee personnel information.
  • All types of resignations and terminations are grouped in separations to run separation benefits as well to execute it as part of regular payroll or set as different payroll.
  • At the time separation, we may interview candidates to know more about their prospective decisions as part of Exit Interview. Questionnaires can be set and defined as organizational segments set in Administration module of WorkBlix HRMS.
  • Maintaining assets assigned to employee is no more part of Assets management system, rather it should be handled in HRMS and same has been configured in WorkBlix HRMS maintaining assignment history.