Administration Module

Therefore, to manage multiple independent organization within same company or multiple companies within same group is no more daunting task in WorkBlix HRMS Administration module as it can design any type of organogram.

Some other salient features of Administration module of WorkBlix HRMS

  • Multi Tenancy in single database is future, which drastically reduces Database management overheads. So defining multiple companies and tagging all HR related information with this company creates a single layer in database which can be segregated as standalone company to set up independently whenever needed
  • Organization structure is no more restricted to fix number of segments. In WorkBlix HRMS, dynamic organization structure can be designed for different segments of company, for example a parent company can define their subsidiary companies as business divisions or one company can create other companies as different business segment, division, location. It’s just another segment based on which different payroll policies, different workflow, different grades, job, departments, leaves, shifts, attendance, pay groups can be set.
  • Moreover any type of new field can be placed on any form of the system, which can further be used for any calculation
  • Workflow was never been so easy, creating multiple routes for one single business process based on organization structure needs. For example setting leave application workflow for different grades of employees is inherited feature of WorkBlix workflow engine. Similarly it can also be varied if leave type differs or leave units differs. At each step email and in-App alerts are sent to concerned users/roles.
  • Manufacturing division is not alike finance division, even though falls under same umbrella, so employees should be treated differently. Leave applied by shift in charge should not go to same level of approval as by Production manager.
  • It is no more a technical consultant needed to upload opening balances, or historical data as HR user or Super user of WorkBlix HRMS, or a functional consultant can do this job using its front end navigation.
  • Setting RBAC or role based access control eliminates duplication of tasks. For example once role is created as per organization functions, then only user are assigned to these roles. Once user leaves company or gets transferred to different, its access of WorkBlix HRMS gets changed automatically.